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About us

      Shijiazhuang Tingchi Machinery Equipment Co.LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in wrought iron machines, wrought iron components and various wrought iron products. With its whole series of manual tools and electric powder wrought iron machines, My company's goods not only were sold domestic market but also were exported to Europe, South Asia, South America, North America, Africa, West Asia, Middle east Asia, Australia , and so on.

      Manual tools feature in perfect design,more flexibility and non-electric power,and have multi-function to process different types of flat, square and round steel stocks with precise performances in batch productions.

      Electric powered machines feature in digital display preset, rotation speed changing, strong powered,precise performance and more efficiency in batch pro-duction of metal craft pieces,even work both as a sole unit and as a combining partner to other ultra-function machines for a strengthened production line. [more…… ]

Products List
  • JK—DW16B Type scroll bending Bending machine, wrought iron machine
    JK—DW16B Type scroll
  • JK-SB1 Abnormity bending tools
    JK-SB1 Abnormity ben
  • JK-SE1 Manual cold rolling tool
    JK-SE1 Manual cold r
  • JK-SA1 Tube bending tools
    JK-SA1 Tube bending
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